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"Goddesses don't hustle they way to get money.

Money chases us!"

Miss Pravala, The Luxury Spiritual


How to create a long term relationship with money & master the game of money.

Hello my beauties,


A long time ago, I did a video series on called « Love your Money, Love your Life » on Youtube. 

My relationship with money is one of the most precious ones I have. 

I have learnt to connect with the « energy » of money and not just think of money as a means to an end, the end being all of the things I want or, worst, « need ».

And this is where most people sin when it comes to their manifestation of money.

Most people think that money is just the sum of the coins and paper bills they have or have not access. 

Despite the fact that money is the key to making everything in their life easy, they exclude the idea of connecting to money on a deep level.


Moreover, if you look deep down, you will realize that you have an ambivalent, conflicting relationship with the notion of money. Most of you would actually prefer to not even have to deal with money. Many of you have been programmed to think of money, and people who have money, as either unattainable, or you just don’t understand how to welcome the money energy in your life.


I have heard people say that money is evil and those who love money are money worshippers and they will go to hell. What???????? But it’s true. Many people say that.


So whether you believe it or not, all of the toxic emotions that relate to you and your relationship with money have somehow been affected by the false truths you have heard or how you have seen your loved ones interact, react or go nuts because of money.


But the first thing you have to know that is money is sacred. It is our companion energy when we signed up to come to Earth, living in the duality of have’s and have not’s.


In my online course “Become Luxury: The Goddess formula to manifest wealth”, I teach you how to active your wealth centers, how to reprogram your mind to receive wealth and become truly abundant.


In this webinar, I will specifically talk about MONEY:

  • Why most people don’t have it

  • Why you are entitled to have it, and a lot of it

  • How to make friends with money

  • How to create a long term relationship with money

And of course, we will be visited by beautiful deities.

You will learn:

- How to do your monthly full moon ritual with goddess Lakshmi for abundance, wealth and money

- how to remove money curses (generational/ancestral curses, karmic curses and energy curses)

- how to connect to the money energy with surprising daily money rituals

- how to call upon/invoke my team of 7 money archangels and angels (the real technique that makes them come fast from the celestial realm and how to summon them for work)

- daily rituals for increase cash flow

And so much more!


The webinar starts with me performing my modern way of doing a Lakshmi puja, different from what practicing religious Hindus do but a way that works and resonates with those not living in India but who are confronted with the reality of living in Western society, with the constraints of living in an apartment, not being able to scream and chant loud mantras all night, sharing the puja ritual with loved ones as it is not their culture or because they might just find you plain crazy (LOL), etc. BUT still connecting to the goddess, channeling her energy as your own and becoming a vessel for money to pour into.


If you own Luxt Millionaire, my Lakshmi’s oudh oil perfume potion, the regular one or the VIP version, which is infused with real precious emerald stone, bring it for the webinar. I show you how to use it for special occasions such as this one.


In the end, you leave with actual pragmatic steps and actions to take on a daily basis that are sure to have you become a real MONEY goddess!

You have unlimited access to this Youtube video.

Keep the link and come back to it anytime you need it.

Also, I recommend that you create a notebook with all of your notes for money manifestation.

You will use this notebook to document your money manifestation as a journal. This will make your practice organized and all the more efficient.

Open your mind. Be flexible and creative. Release programming for lack and scarcity and enjoy your new love relationship with

money as your life long companion. 

To purchase this course, click here:

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