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Full Moon Eclipse Meditation

You can do this meditation every month at the full moon.

It is especially potent and powerful when the full moon is also experiencing an eclipse!

Full Moon dates


*ECLIPSE. !!! Friday, 10 January 

time: 08:21:24 pm

Sunday, 9 February

time: 08:33:18 am

Monday, 9 March

time: 06:47:48 pm

Wednesday, 8 April

time: 04:35:06 am

Thursday, 7 May

time: 12:45:18 pm

Friday, 5 June

time: 09:12:24 pm

Sunday, 5 July

time: 06:44:30 am

Monday, 3 August

time: 05:58:48 pm

Wednesday, 2 September

time:  07:22:06 am

Thursday, 1 October

time:  11:05:18 pm

Saturday, 31 October

time: 03:49:12 pm

Monday, 30 November

time: 10:29:42 am

Wednesday, 30 December

time: 04:28:18 am

Time specified in Central European Time (CET).

Please check your own time zone.




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