"If you want to manifest a different life, you have to be willing to die and be reborn into the human goddess who deserves this new dream life!"

Miss Pravala, The Luxury Spiritual


How to let go of old toxic attachment to the past

Surrender and channel the powers of Isis the Alchemist, Isis the victory magnet and Isis the sex goddess for a life where magic and miracles are part of your daily expectations.

Hello my beauties,


If you are at all familiar with my work, you know I have spoken about the special relationship I have with Isis.

I have received messages from Isis, traveled to be with her at night and channeled her powerful energy for as long as I have accepted my soul journey on this physical plane.

I remember going to a Santeria priest and a psychic lady was there and she said that she saw me arriving with my face being the face of Oshun and over my head, she saw another lady who had my physical face but wearing an Egyptian crown and seating in a meditation posture.

This is the type of encounters I have, which does not surprise because magic is who I am and magic is what I attract.

When the need to start having monthly webinars came to me, my first webinar was actually supposed to be this one, a webinar about Isis, about new beginnings and starting over as a new person, a human goddess.

I thought about it some more and speaking of money and teaching about the money energy and how to attract it is one of the easiest manifestation for me, so I went for easy instead of facing the challenge of presenting Isis to my tribe.

But now, it is time. Energies are shifting. 2020 ! New decade! New us. The collective is ready.

There is no spiritual journey if you don't start with the beginning, if you don't start with Isis.

Isis is the mother of all goddesses. Isis is the goddess you NEED to invite into your life if you want to get rid of past wounds, the wounds you know of and the ones that are deeply rooted in your system and you are afraid to face.

Without Isis, there is no transformation. You cannot graduate to working with other goddesses and truly receive the gifts that the other beautiful sisterhood of goddesses have to offer, unless you initiate deep cleansing and transformation with Isis. Period. Isis is IT.


Otherwise, you will have some successes in your manifestation of money, love, luxury, etc. but it will always be up and down. Never lasting. Never consistent. And you will always have this feeling of lack, or unfinished... because you didn't start from the spiritual purge that only Isis can provide.

Transformation means: taking ownership of your life, face your fears, be willing to change completely, sacrifice those who need to be sacrificed, all of the ones you may love but are dragging you down because of their low energy, un-awakened spirit. Transformation means becoming fearless about what you desire and deserve, without consideration for those around you who may have judged or feel like they have a say in your life: your culture, your family, your community, your friends...who mean well but who are lost themselves.

Be the torch. Be the guiding light... by saving yourself first. By working with Isis.

There the road will be so smooth when you are ready to manifest love and romance with Ishtar and Erzulie Freda, when you are ready to manifest your Twin Flame or your soulmate for strong intimacy, when you are ready to truly experience the blessings and pleasure of luxury with Lakshmi and have sweetness everyday, loyalty everyday with Erzulie... all of that cannot be consistent and a truth for you unless you have start your work with Isis and are reborn, just like a baby, to embark on your real life. The fiercely sweet and divine existence of the pleasure, love, beauty and wealth human goddess.


You will learn:

- How to do Isis rituals 

- how to invoke Isis and pray to Isis on a daily basis 

- how to carve the new you with specific aspects that you feel represent the woman you are meant to be

- Also... and this is Isis' imposed part.... lol.... how to start using your sexual fluids for magic, alchemy and manifestation through intimacy.

Please watch my videos on this webinar carefully as I mention exactly what Isis requires from you and how to prepare for the webinar. If you don't have time to follow her guidelines, the replay of the LIVE will be available to you so you can do what she asks you and then, come back to her instructions. It is very important.

It is crucial that you own the potion Isis had me create, called "Isis Flower of the Nile". I will show you how to use this potion at night and for your weekly Isis ritual, as well as to enhance your sexual potency.

You have unlimited access to this Youtube video.

Keep the link and come back to it anytime you need it.

Also, I recommend that you create a notebook with all of your notes for money manifestation.

You will use this notebook to document your money manifestation as a journal. This will make your practice organized and all the more efficient.

Open your mind. Be flexible and creative. Release programming for lack and scarcity and enjoy your new love relationship with

money as your life long companion. 


At your own pace.

Whenever you want to come back to it.


Watch my 3-hour webinar $120

And be ready to be transformed!

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