"Erotic Spirituality & Wealth Manifestation"

Spiritual Digital Course  






This is the *online* version of my Paris and New York sessions

where I help you break the obstacles to manifestation as a woman and as 

an aspiring goddess. 

The womb and the yoni are the home of wealth and luxury manifestation

for women. Yet, most women have wounded their womb and they are not able to really create an amazing life experience for themselves (and their loved ones).

In this session: we cut the links and vows such as poverty, sacrifice, victimhood.

We heal and cleanse the womb, yoni and the heart so that your entire energy

system is fully functionning and you are able to have clairvoyance on what it means to you to be fulfilled and can understand the true meaning of wealth, luxury and being empowered

as a woman both sexually and socially rising.

This course is a pre-requisite to my "Make Money doing what you love and being yourself" course (see below) as you have to be aligned in order to manifest true lasting perenial wealth with money as your ally.






"Make Money doing what you love and being yourself"

Spiritual Digital Course  






In this course, you will raise your vibration and learn to tune yourself to the "spirit" of money; finally letting go of your toxic programming about money and create an effortless flow of money, stemming from intuition that is guided by your higher self, your spirit guides and leading you closer and closer to experiencing the bliss of doing what you were born to do: your life purpose, your dharma, your natural birthright talent, while being paid for doing what you do best.

Guided meditations and activations  you do in the confort of your own home

and at your pace.





"Make your Own Magick"

Spellwork 101 








This course is perfect if you want to practice magic on her own with detailed information (basically things that cannot be explained in a regular short youtube video).

This course is also great if you feel like you want to start a business as a healer, a bruja, a witch. It will give you the basic knowledge and guide you through the direction you need to create your own "brand" as a goddess witch. Why is it important: every practitioner is different and has amazing talents that cannot be copied.

The point is for you to learn the basic aspects of spell work, witchcraft, from a goddess incarnate perspective of wealth and holistic beauty. And then, have the courage to look into yourself to bring forth what YOU HAVE TO OFFER to the world, to your tribe.                                  


5 video classes of 1 hour each

so you can start practice your own and manifest like a pro.





Coming up soon !

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