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This week is a bit different.

First, you have to do the exercise, for which, you'll need a pen and a piece of paper (or notebook).


The second exercise is a release spell, for which, you'll need to light a candle.


This time, you'll have to do a guided meditation for the third part of this week's work.

Practice this week's guided meditation for *at least* 7 days/nights in a row.


If at any time during this course or even in the future, you feel like you're encountering other money blocks, come back to this meditation and do it again, however many times necessary BECAUSE you create programming as you go, from experience and things you see, which become beliefs. Never allow limiting beliefs to spoil your manifestation abilities.

This is the purpose of this meditation.

As always, 7 days/nights in a row is necessary to fully integrate these components both spiritually but also to re-program the subconscious mind with new empowering triggers.


If you skip one day/night, start over.



Your toxic money pattern



Release your old toxic money beliefs



Destroy your old toxic money pattern



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