Erotic Spirituality & Wealth Manifestation
an ECourse by Miss Pravala

Please do this eCourse in one session at a time.

You have unlimited access to this page.

First practice once a week for the first month.

Then, re-do the activations once every trimester if you feel

that you've accumulated more toxic programming

or have inherited more/other forms of karmic weight

from sexual interactions or spiritual attacks.

Space: Cleanse & Protect

Step 1:


Before starting the session, cleanse the space.

Use whatever means of purification you usually use

(smudging with sage, smudging with palo santo,

diffusing or smudging hyssop, Tibetan bowl, energy magnetism cleansing, etc.)


Step 2:


Use coarse salt to remove toxic energies stuck on your energy field.

Examples of salt to use: coarse sea salt, pink himalayan salt, dead sea salt, Lac Rose mineral salt, epsom salt.

Place the salt in a bowl, filled 3/4 with plain water. This bowl is the recipient of toxic energies you'll put in it.


You manually extract the energy dirt from your body and putting it into the bowl, while speaking out loud your intention of being spiritually cleansed, purified.


Focus on the back of the neck first, then energy swipe around your body. Be in the moment. Do not overthink this process. Your inner eye will intuitively guide you to visualize or just spend more time scratching in a specific part if need be.


Do not touch the dirty salt water. Right after finishing the ritual, go pour it directly down the toilet. Always thank Mother Earth for transmutting this toxic energy into something of love and divine nature so that this energy doesn't come back to you, or go to pollude other people.

<= Watch Demo video

Step 3


Seal and Protect the space.


Repeat after me this invocation out loud:

Invocation to

Seal and Protect Space


EFT : Emotional Freedom technique

This tapping session is meant to align your physical and emotional bodies to your purpose, what you are here to do today.


Repeat after me out loud while following the choreography of finger gesture tapping. Do not overthink the process. Just do it, while breathing intentionally.

Watch Demo video =>

Tapping audio.


Cut links and all vows (poverty, victimhood, martyrdom, etc.

in your womb and yoni

This work is done by invoking a team of archangels.


Know that archangels are multi-dimensional beings who energetically share a connection with you.


During this guided meditation, please lay down in a comfortable position.


Make sure you will not be disturbed. And use headphones to a medium to low volume.



- If you fall asleep during the guided work;

- If you don't see the angels. As you know they are energy beings. In reality, you will see them, but your human eyes may still be unable to translate in your brain what you soul sees. Archangels may appear to you in human shape, in auric colors, in geometric symbols, in shiny stars, in glitter, in soft colored vapor, etc. Again, do not overthink this process. Simply focus on surrendering and relaxing into the session;

If you feel discomfort at any part of your body or if you get emotional. If you feel enclined to cry, do so. If you want to scream, do so. This is your body's way of releasing


If, for some reason, you are forced to quit the session, please take a few minutes break, get a glass of lukewarm water (not hot, not cold, not iced cold) and come back to the session the trauma you have experienced, accumulated, imposed to yourself, whether you've realized it or not, from this life or past lives.


Again, this session is meant to be done "in one sitting".


If you own Goddess Magic oudh potion, now is a good time to diffuse it or use it in an incense burned to multiply the potency of this meditation.



Cut the Karmic Links

and vows of victimhood,

poverty, loss, martyrdom.


15-minute Break

Take a break of no more than 15 minutes. 


During this time, you can have something to eat very light, like oatmeal and honey, a soup with no dairy, a salad with no mayonnaise or anything containing heavy fat, no fried food and no artificially sweetened juice.


A piece of whole grain bread, pita bread, a smoothie, a natural no sugar added juice works as well.


Definitely, a lot of lukewarm water.

This is also a good time to use the bathroom. Even if you don't feel like it, force yourself.


Do not:

- Watch a video

- Listen to popular or religious music

- Talk to anyone


You can however:

- remain seated or laying down

- listen to spiritual music, mantras, classical music 


Once you're ready to come back to the session, gently ease yourself into it.




Guided Activation:

Become Gold

Swadhistana & Manipura Chakras activation

This is a guided activation.


Remember, you attract what you are. Law of Attraction 101.


In  this guided activation, you will be turning your sacred sexual and solar plexus energy centers into precious gold in order to attract circumstances aligned with wealth, luxury and luxuriance.


Add a couple of drops of your Goddess Magic Oudh oil potion into your incense burner or your oil diffuser to enhance the potency of this ritual.


Make sure you will not be disturbed and put on your headphone. 


Lay down in a comfortable position and let's start this guided activation.


Wealth Chakras



Lalitha Tripura Sundari

The Tantra Goddess


For this meditation mantra, please remain in a seating position. No need to do the lotus pose. Just pick the most comfortable position, with your spine straight and aligned and your shoulders relaxed.


Keep your eyes closed, while keeping your inner gaze on your ajna chakra, your third eye, the energy center decalcifying your pineal gland (basically your clairvoyance, your intuition, to see only the Truth).


If you have the tendency to get cold, you may put on a blanket and ensure that you will not be disturbed during this mantra reciting session.


Recite along with me Lalitha's mantra 108 times.

This mantra is said to be the most powerful mantra in the world.


Lalitha Tripura Sundari will help you heal your womb and yoni, empowering them for sex magick. 


She is the goddess worshipped by gods.


With her, you will be able to use your feminine attributes to manifest wealth and luxuries. 


This is a practice to be done for 108 days in a row, preferably, to see drastic fast results. (Recommandation).


This is the mantra:


Ka e ee la hreem

Ha sa ka ha la hreem

Sa ka la hreem


NB: Mantras in sanskrit (or other sacred languages) are energy words connecting you to the corresponding energies. Just like in Reiki. These are symbols, sigils, yantras vibrating very highly. So the meaning (translation) of these words is IRRELEVANT.


Though, if, for your own research, you wish to find out more about it, I invite you to look into "sankrit words", "hinduism", "taoism", "sacred geometry", etc.


For today, you only need to feel in your heart the vibration of the words.


Energy doesn't lie. If you surrender your need to judge everything and everyone, while meditating, you will feel the bliss of these energies.


Now put on your headphone and start the audio.






Image by Katie Lloyd

Guided Meditation:

The Goddess Yoni

This meditation is for women only. 


It centers on the yoni, which is the sanskrit word for "vulva".


For this activation, lie down in shavasana (or corpse pose in yoga), with a pillow under your knees.


Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply, while relaxing your shoulders.


You are ready to begin. Put on your headphone.



Goddess Yoni



Empower yourself, Enhance your sexual magick,

Become enchanting.

Listen to this introduction lecture to understand the background of the Pomba Gira legion of spirits.


Put on your headphone to listen to the lecture.



Pomba Gira 



Click here for Pomba Gira sigil PDF



Pomba Gira 



Before working with Pomba Gira, make sure you have an offering to present to her and a space you will dedicate to her as an altar.


If you are limited in terms of space in your home, this altar can be ephemerous or in the form of a box you can close.


You need:

- Your Pomba Gira magic oudh oil potion

- A red cloth or even just a red napkin (paper is ok)

- Your Pomba Gira sigil

- A red candle

- A red rose

- Alcohol (champagne, whisky, rhum, etc) - A small glass approx. 1,7 fl oz is enough

- OPTIONAL: Cigarettes (one to three - you will need to light them yourself) or tobacco cigar or pipe

- OPTIONAL: Pomegranate cut in half presented open on a nice plate




Invocation if you want to bind enchant a man

BE CAREFUL. This spell is totally optional. This is not to be done lightly as you have to be sure this is a man you want in your life.


If you are one to often convince yourself that you want something or someone, but in reality, you change your mind quickly, DO NOT DO THIS SPELL. 




If, on the other hand, you have a man in your life, whether a sexual partner, someone you want to become a sexual partner, a mentor, a man of influence whom you know already and with whom you share no sexual intimacy, DO THIS SPELL.


Pomba Gira will help you bring him to you.


However, keep in mind that you want this spell to be done with no harm to anyone, which means that it might take longer. DO NOT DO THIS SPELL by all means necessary, because Pomba Gira is not here to judge your choices and you might get stuck with karmic debt just because you rushed into things.


And remember, this page will be available to you at any time, so even if you're not ready to do this spell today, keep in mind that when the time is right, you will be able to do it.


The man of influence who will provide help, mentoring, counseling, comfort, financial help, professional opportunities, social growth, etc. is not someone you wish harm to. 


Be sure that when doing this spell, you are wholeheartedly feeling that the support this man will bring to you in only equivalent to the warm spiritual support, healing and care you will give him back.


For the spell, you already have the offerings handy.


If you decide not to do the spell today, be sure that when you come back to do it, you have new offerings to Pomba Gira.



Pomba Gira 






You are now fully activated, yoni, womb are not only cleanse, purified, activated and fully empowered by feminine deities and spirits that all collaborated, with your permission, to enhance your life experience as an aspiring goddess wishing to live a life free of compromise.


Of course, this is a process. It will not happen overnight, though, spiritually, in terms of your energies, you are ready.

It is up to you to choose carefully, every second of every minute of every day of your life, the thoughts, actions you wish to take, to lead you to your desired outcome.


In the next few days, choose not to judge anything or anyone. 


Surrender to the new you.


Allow the new energies, deities and spirits to do their work without you interfering because of lack of faith, expectancy and trust in their work.

Learn to believe without seeing at first.


Practice believing with enthusiasm.


The circumstances of your life will surely change. There is no choice!


When you are ready, activate your money manifesting abilities by doing my "Goddess Formula: Make money doing what you love and being yourself", which is another adventure in reconciling your relationship with the spirit of money, meeting your money muse and having money as an ally to your life experience.

And don't worry, with the state of mind of being empowered, when you feel the urge, it will be the right time. No need to rush, unless you want to go fast in creating new energies and you want all the work to happen in a bulk of time.





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