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I hope you take advantage of these nuggets of wisdom

I'm sharing with you in this BONUS page.


These are practical things you should actually do everyday

*No exception*

to see true transformation.


Consider that as you have done both courses,

you are cleansed, protected, activated and ready to manifest.


Here, I show you some of the many ways

to keep your vibrations high by incorporating easy daily rituals.



Enjoy !


This exercise will take all together 7-8 minutes in total.
You'll need:

  • Headphones

  • A notebook

  • A pen/pencil

  • A timer


Make sure to always write the date on your notebook so your journaling is accurate.

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This prayer takes a total of 1 minute. Get in the habit of saying it 2-3 times everyday during this transformation period. With time, you will know it by heart and when you'll need clairvoyance and clear-mindedness, it will come to you to say these words naturally.




This is a fun exercise to do every morning. And, don't worry. It's not like you're at school and have to do this sitting down and being all serious.

On the contrary: Once you listen to the audio, you'll know what I'm asking you to do and just get in the habit of asking yourself this question every morning and find a way to apply your decision before the day ends.



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Recite this night time affirmation prayer then drink 1/2 a glass of lukewarm water.

Then rest your mind. Do not watch tv, do not be entertained by anything but by your own will to connect to your true home while asleep.

Close your eyes and envision/imagine that you are sleeping inside of a bright golden shell.

This is in reality your energy egg. It is your natural protection so that you are not attacked at night. It is also what helps your entire physical and emotional body regenerate while you're asleep.

Now I want you to close your eyes and imagine (in reality, it exists in energy form so you're not making anything up) whole piercing all over the gold energy shell. These holes are all the places where your energy auric field has been bruised today. And you know that when energy is bruised, it harms certain energy centers aka chakras on the body, which, overtime, results in physical illnesses. Now ask with your mind or just intend/watch the shell regenerating itself and closing up all of the holes. At this point, you're probably going to fall asleep and it's ok.

If not, stay awake until you feel all the holes have been closed and that your energy protective egg is now as perfect as new.


Good night!




Morning prayer affirmation from Earl Nightingale. It will help you get on with the energy of self-realization and completion so, if you are one to often procrastinate and postpone things to the next day, and next day, and next day - you'll discipline yourself to finish everything you set your mind to, even the most difficult or boring things.

Do this in the morning, while you're still in bed.



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My Goddess Hair ebook 

This book is the first one I ever wrote on connecting to Goddess through the energy of hair, beauty and prosperity. 

This was truly channeled by each of these goddesses and queens we know in mythology and legends of the past.

It is not a difficult read, rather it is a different point of view on how to borrow gestures of the goddesses, or even realize that you were already divinely inspired in reproducing things goddesses brought to you without you realizing it was from them.

This ebook is sold on my website: in its illustrated version. 
This is the simple "Word" turned to "PDF" version that makes for an easy read and deep inspiration that beauty is always within reach.

Enjoy !



Metaphysics of the Ideal Body - Daily Practice for 108 days

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Your body is a temple, isn't that what they say?

Yet, we use the body as a tool to victimize ourself, traumatizing our body, putting it through

unecessary suffering because, for the most part, being in peace with the type of body you have in a life-long journey.

Your body is more than what you see.
It is a mini-Universe.

It is intelligent.
All of the cells have the specific task of creating for you, the physical version of the life you're asking you.
The problem is: most of time, you don't ask for what you are entitled to and deserve. You ask for the worst type of mind-body relationship because you only express thoughts of dissatisfaction with the way your body look. Many times you indulge in comparing yourself to other people who display the perfection of their bodies, while (themselves too) hiding for what they don't like and what they want to change.

Transformaiton can take many different shapes. 

For some, it means making drastic lifestyle changes. For others, it involves plastic surgery. For others as well, it is as basic as having a functional body, free of illnesses and a body that can carry you through the day all the way through the path of your vision.
And that's the main purpose of your body: being the physical vessel and the translation of what you want so that, when you claim that you deserve to be your ideal shape with strength and joy, all of your cells conspire and work day and night to shape your body for your liking.
When you spend your time feeling bad about the way you feel and relying on toxic behavior, addictions and emotionals yoyo-ing, your cells go with the flow of what you want and they present you even more opportunities to have the body you don't like, the body that likes to procrastinate, the body that doesn't feel good naked, the body that doesn't smell delicious all the time, the body that is weak and sick. Just like you've asked for it but you didn't even know.

It's not shallow to want your ideal body. It is part of the whole picture of you manifesting your perfect life. You looking a certain way matches you acquiring certain things.

It's so simple YET so complex.

It's all about LOVE.



Connect with Money

Speak to money, holding dollar bills in the palms of your hands


  • Close your eyes and hold money for a few seconds inside the palms of your hands

  • This is your first contact with money. Do not ask money for anything. Just feel its presence.

  • You should start feeling warmth inside of your hands. If not, don’t force it. The more you do it, the more you’ll feel.

  • Speak to money : « Money, thank you for being into my life. You’ve helped me a great deal already. Show me all the ways I can have more of you in my experience and open all pathways of manifestation for me. Oh money, Oh money, Oh money : I’m giving you the opportunity to exist more and more into my reality because if you’re not here with me, I can’t accomplish my life mission and I can’t be happy and blissful. So pour yourself into my life in all the logical but also all of the magical ways you can. No limit. I am ready. I thank you money. I love you. I honor you. »




Speak your invocation out loud. Speak to Money. Engage your spirit guides and your higher self.


I deserve $(amount of money) by (deadline) to (purpose)
I receive $(amount of money) by (deadline) to (purpose) 

I love having $(amount of money) by (deadline) to (purpose)

I love seeing, touching, experiencing $(amount of money) by (deadline) to (purpose)  

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