Dates: 14 - 28 may

Where: Your hotel suite/room 


Location: La Croisette, Cannes


Special Cannes

Goddess Session



Hello my Beauties!

This is Miss Pravala "The Luxury Spiritual "!


I am so so happy to be meeting you, my 

beautiful goddesses who will be in Cannes 

during the festival this year!

Book me for my powerful energy healing,

goddess channeling and luxury enjoyment 


My sessions lasts 60 minutes, as I know 

everyone is so busy during this time

in Cannes.

It is so amazing, though, that you

understood the importance of spiritually

aligning, raising your vibrations to make

your experience at the festival even more

of a success in terms of the quality of the

people you meet, the partnerships you make,

the business deals you conclude, and all that,

while still enjoying yourself and loving every

moment of your manifestation.

When you book me by clicking below,

you will receive a confirmation email within

24 hours with my personal contact info to

schedule the exact day and time of your 


Please note that I hold the sessions at your 

hotel to make it easier for you. When we

speak, make sure to explain to me if there

is any type of security access I should be 

aware of ahead of time.

When I come, I first cleanse the space and

seal it for protection during the session.

At the end of the session, I might suggest

that you take a spiritual bath or you do a

spiritual visualisation exercise so make sure

you allocate another hour once I am gone to

complete the session.

Interested in purchasing my spiritual manifestation oil perfume?


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