Magical Rituals & Spells





Spell #1 is a Yoni spell with Goddess Lalita. Do this spell tonight as we are Friday.


Repeat this spell every week as long as you feel that you need to empower your yoni so that when men see “you”, it is the potent energy of your sacred yoni that speaks to them and arouses them.


This spell is really a full ritual, including channeling of the deity, training and mastering your inner fire and magnifying the attraction of your yoni.


In magic, breath is what brings your physical body, your mind and your energy field together so that they become one. You need to learn how to control your impulses in order to channel your energy and transform it. All that will become easier with time, as you learn to work with your breast.

The spell part itself of the ritual is to be done this Friday and next Friday, and the following Friday, until you feel that your yoni as bloomed. Then, you will be able to move on to the other Friday spell I’ve included here, which is the Aphrodite spell.


Be sure you do the spell late at night and be sure to not eat right before performing the spell.

Have a light meal as early dinner and wait at least a couple of hours to start the ritual.


Read the ritual as I’m explaining it to you a couple of times, then you should be able to pilot the ritual on your own. For the ritual, you will also need to get or purchase a few things and get them all ready before you begin.


First, you should practice the breathing exercise as many times as possible so that tonight, when you perform the ritual, you will be rather comfortable. This technique is called “Vase Breathing”.




Practice “Vase Breathing” anywhere you can. This doesn’t have to be anything that creates stress or anxiety. Just find a comfortable place to sit down or to stand. Do not do this exercise while laying down.


In the beginning, take the habit of resting both of your hands on your belly. And do not be self-conscious about aesthetics when practicing “Vase Breathing”.


Step 1: Inhale deeply then, as you exhale, tighten your yoni by locking your vaginal walls. If you do Kegel exercises regularly, this part should be easy for you.


Step 2: Keep your yoni locked


Step 3: Inhale again, but this time, filling up air inside of your body, from the bottom up, just like you would fill up a vase with water. Feel and visualize air entering your body, filling up your lower abdomen, your belly, your lower lungs, your upper lungs until saturating your throat.


Step 4: Swallow on empty. This means that, instead of exhaling, you lock your throat by swallowing, which will trap the oxygen inside of your body. After a few seconds, release!


Now, your goal is to practice this a few times. And when you feel more comfortable, repeat this same exercise but by inhaling, then locking in and then exhaling all at same intervals. So make sure you count. Say, you inhale in the count of 8, then, lock in the air and stay without breathing in the count of 8 and then exhale while counting until 8.


During the ritual, you will repeat those steps and do the “Vase Breathing” for 8 to 10 minutes. No less and no more. You can use your phone as a timer if you want.


Things you need to get for the ritual:

  • Download a compass app on your phone;

  • Keep a glass of water nearby;

  • Have a red sexy outfit;

  • Get red rose petals. Buy approximately 6 flowers and you will only use the petals;

  • A red cloth, preferably silk or satin;

  • A red envelope;

  • Red candles (optional);

  • A blanket and pillows (optional).


Before performing the ritual, make sure to take a shower. If you can take a bath, even better. Clean yourself and then, get ready, as you would do if you were going on a date. Put on perfume, put on yoni oil perfume if you have any, do yoni steam or yoni smoke if you can. Get dressed with seductive red clothes and if you don’t have any, just buy a couple of yards of red fabric or use cotton bed sheets if that’s all you have.


Make sure you will not be disturbed when doing this ritual because sexual energy is powerful and can even be potentially disruptive and chaotic if handled carelessly.


Once you are ready for the spell, get in a space that inside a home, like your bedroom or your living room if you live by yourself.


Sit in the middle of the room and start repeating the Lalita mantra to invoke her presence.


You will use the rose petals to create a magic circle.


This is the mantra:

“Ka e ee la Hreem,

Ha s aka a la hreem

Sa ka la Hreem”


Repeat this mantra 108 times while putting magic on each flower petal with the Sanskrit sacred words. As you repeat the words, place each petal on the floor and at the end of the 108 repetitions, you should be inside the circle with your petal circle closed.


Once the circle is closed, you can officially start the spell.


Keep your phone near you so have access to the compass.


Stand with your arms by your side with your palms open.


You are going to call upon the Archangels of the four elements (or four cardinal points).


You may know that to call archangels, it is a thousand times more efficient to sing their name instead of just thinking their name or saying their name in a monotone voice. The throat chakra being solicited emits vibrations that provide a direct communication with angelic beings.


When I say that you should sing the name of the archangel, I really mean “sing”. You do not need to have a training in professional opera singing, but sing their name to the best of your ability. To get inspiration, think of Victorian singing or shamanic singing. You don’t need to be fancy. One other thing: when you sing the archangels’names, visualize the noise that thunder makes when a storm is coming. As you say the name of the archangel, here the thunder or imagine the sound of thunder. This is how archangels pierce the sky to come to our real. Just go with the flow.


This is a good time to light your red candle and if you use a magic enhancer, such as my Pomba Gira magic oudh oil potion, anoint your candle with it and proceed with the ritual.


  • Face North and sing to Cardinal Archangel Uriel whose element is Earth. Sing her name three times.

  • Then turn clockwise and face east, then sing the name of Cardinal Archangel Raphael three times. Raphael’s element is air.

  • Turn again clockwise and face south. Sing to Cardinal Archangel Michael. Sing his name three times. Michael’s element is fire.

  • And finally, turn to the West and sing Cardinal Archangel Gabriel three times. Gabriel’s element is water.


Once you’ve established connection, say or read the following words:


“I call upon the power of the authority of all Universal forces to protect me from now until the completion of this ritual. It is done (3x).” Thank you.


You can now sit down or better yet, if you had brought pillows and a blanket, make yourself comfortable.


You are going to call upon another angel called Amiel (A-MEE-EL).

Amiel is the angel of charm. This angel will assist you in becoming more attractive to those who see you. During this journey, I suggest you often call upon Amiel to send you rays of light to make you more attractive. This will not happen overnight but it would be a shame to know of the existence of Amiel and not call upon this wonderful help.


So sing the name of AMIEL 3 times and then, focus on breathing effortlessly and relaxing.


Visualize a white cloud above your body and with every breath you take, you absorb the cotton candy-like energy of sweet deliciousness into your own energy and physical bodies. But don’t try to focus. Just have this image for a second and then, just relax. Let Amiel do the work.


You will know once the work is done. And when it is done, just say “thank you” with your human voice.


It is now time for you to get undressed. And I hope you are starting to understand why this type of teachings will not appear on my public youtube channel, as it is very sensitive and you will rarely have access to such thorough information in a public venue unless it is accidentally (or intentionally) misplaced.


So, get undressed like you would if you were in the company of a seductive man.


Get completely naked. And I hope for you that you made sure that no one is going to intrude on your ritual and that you locked all access to the room where you are performing the ritual.


When you are completely naked, get under the covers if you feel a bit cold. Though, I can almost promise that it will get warm very soon.


Lay down with your eyes closed and when you are ready, summon goddess Lalita. You don’t have to say a word. She is already with you, remember. But use your mind’s voice to call up her name. When you feel her presence, just speak to her in your own words. Say what you wish she could bring to you. Talk about your experience, your past failure, your heart aches. Be honest to her. Speak as a child speaks to her God-Mother.


You can also try to visualize her in her human figure. But don’t feel like you are forced to. Again, just do what comes naturally.


When you are done speaking to Lalita, put your hands over your womb and cover your yoni area. Some women feel inclined to touch themselves in an intimate manner, others remain shy, especially if they have limiting beliefs about the power of the sensual touch and the magical manifestation powers of the female orgasm.


But this ritual is really about you easing into the feeling of being in your physical body and owning up to your beauty. Stay in the presence of Lalita and start imagining the figure of a man: his body, his hair, his features, his scent…. All the details that may come to you. Focus more on feeling good with this man. Think of the sensations you crave. Think of the things you want this man to do for you and how you want him to look at you, to be loving to you, caring to you, infatuated with you, in love with you.


Imagine making love with this man. I’m sure you have had an intimate experience with a man before, but even if you haven’t, there are plenty of literature and movies that can provide plenty of images that you can use as reference here.


The point is that, dwell into this sensual energy, caress yourself if it comes naturally to you or simply stay snug in the softness of your blanket.


When you feel that the ritual is over, and especially if you reach orgasm, use the red cloth to wipe your sexual elixir.


After that, fold the red cloth and put it in the red envelope and stop thinking about it.


The ritual is over.


Later on in this course, I will tell you how this spell can be used in an interaction with an actual man.


Thank all of the celestial beings, archangels, angels, your guardian angels and spirit guides who have assisted you in this ritual.


Give special thanks to Goddess Lalita and promise to pay her homage in the form of an offering to her or using her mantra to transform your energy.


When you are done thanking your “team”, clap your hands to unlock the circle and dissolve the magic of the area where you are. Take the rose petals and use them in a bath. If you don’t have a bath tub, put them in a basin full of water and use this water to wash your body.


This spell is now done.


Thank you!


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