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Spell #2 is Isis Love Attraction Spell. Do this spell on the sunday after this friday's Lalita ritual.


This spell is to be done once a month for 3 consecutive months


When doing this spell inspired by ancient Kemetic spirituality, first call upon the presence of Isis, as I showed you in my Friday’s Lalita ritual.


The point here is to channel the presence of the deity in order to invoke the power of love in your realm. This spell is particularly powerful if you suffered from a heart break or if you have not been in love for a while.


This spell is highly inspired by the prayers to Isis by Heru Hammadi Neb Khuti.


Things you’ll need for this ritual:

  • Your red cloth used during this past Friday’s Lalita ritual;

  • One red, golden or white candle, preferably a small votive candle;

  • Flowers, preferably flowers that were found in ancient Egypt like Jasmine, Myrtle, Mignonette, Water Lily, Daisies, Celosias, Poppies and most definitely roses;

  • Incense resin or sticks, preferably empowered with a magic enhancer;

  • Ancient Egyptian music or even contemporary groups like Egyptian Mozart as background music.


This ritual does not involve creating a circle.


Start lighting the candles and burning the incense and establish contact with the spirit realm.


Here, I’m going to ask you to stand in the middle of your room. Close your eyes and visualize a white light coming from the sky and entering your crown with every breath you take. When you feel like the light has fully saturated your physical body, visualize the light expanding from inside of your body to about a foot outside of your physical boundaries.


Stay like this for a couple of minutes then get ready to channel Isis.





Listen to the melody of the music and start increasingly moving your body to the beat of the music. Keep your eyes closed and at some point, you will feel the presence of Isis in front of you. She should feel much much taller than you and she has a very protective vibration. You’ll feel safe and protected. If you are free in your mind and free in your spirituality, you will be able to sense her physical human-like presence with the shape of the most beautiful woman you’ve have the privilege of seeing.


When she’s in the room with you, listen to what she has to say. She may enjoy watching you dwell in the energy of the goddess and she may just watch you dance until you feel tired and you stop on your own. She may tell you to do something else. You may feel the urge of kneeling down and show her respect. You may just spontaneously sit down and wait for her instructions, just like a pupil in a classroom. Tune into the presence inside of your heart in the beat of your chest. You’ll know what to do. You will hear her instinctively even if you don’t hear a human voice speaking to you, like the nonsense that you’re used to see in the movies.


At some point, you will naturally calm down and you will invite her to come inside of your energy body. Some women hesitate at this point, because of all of the things they’ve been told about spirits entering bodies.


If you are not ready to do this, then just don’t. Thank Isis and close the ritual.


Try again next Sunday, or on another Sunday you feel inspired and ready to do it.

But if you are ready today, great!


Channeling Isis will feel like breathing in life force. You will actually feel lighter, almost in trance. You become Isis and your love is Osiris, her love.


Hold the flowers with both hands and say these words:


“I am Isis.
I am loved here and now.

Loneliness leaves me.

Abundance of solicitation honor me.

Thirst for my touch.

Hunger for my embrace.

Come to me my lover!

Come to your home!

Find refuge in my sacred temple.

My love is yours as yours is mine.

Your love is mine and my love is yours.

True love. Sensual love. Passionate love.



After you finish saying this invocation, stay seated and meditate in silence until the candle and incense finish burning. Visualize what it means to be loved and cherished. 


Thank you!


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