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Let me prelude this chapter by saying that Aphrodite is demanding and she is testing. But she is also all loving and the path to being love, with her help, can only come from close to Narcissistic love for yourself – self-love to the maximum.


For this spell, you will need:

  • A pen and paper;

  • A big bowl filled with 2/3 rose water. Just get rose water from your organic shop or any Middle Eastern convenience store in your neighborhood should also carry it;

  • A small rose quartz;

  • A small mirror, one that you can put in a small pouch and carry with you when you go out;

  • Gold or golden jewelry;

  • Copper coins;

  • A small and pretty hair brush, preferably with golden and pink accents;

  • A small votive pink candle, which you will let float in the bowl of water;

  • Pearl necklace;

  • Red lipstick. Get a very cheap one at the dollar store because you will only use it once and then, put it away.


This spell is to be performed naked, right after having taken an energizing shower.


Put on some very raunchy and sexual music. This is about the only time I will tell you that it is a great idea to use mainstream popular overly sexual music with suggestive lyrics.


Think of “Milkshake” by Kelys. “Body” by Syd. “Kiss it better” by Rihanna. “Something he can feel” by Aretha Franklin. “Secret Garden” by Quincy Jones… you get my point.




Aphrodite is a goddess of love and seduction. She is highly powerful and is known to hypnotize the men she wanted to attract.


To start the spell, place all the items in front of you.


Call upon your spirit guides to protect you during the entire duration of the spell.


Call upon Aphrodite by whispering her name several times. Say her name in a soft way, as though you were here and she was hearing her name being called.


Light the candle and place it inside the bowl.


Using the lipstick, write your name and date of birth on the mirror.


Place the mirror with the pearl necklace and the money coins near the bowl, as offerings to the goddess.


Hold the quartz in your hands to concentrate all of the loving and seductive energy of the goddess inside the stone.


When you are ready, take the piece of paper and tear the sides so that there are no sharp angles. Wipe the paper in your yoni to gather your most intimate DNA, then write the words:


“You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.”


As you write the petition, visualize what it feels like to hypnotize a man, to have it in your net, slave to your love.


Take a few moments to connect again to the goddess and then, place your hands over the bowl and put in your intention: think of the type of woman you have to become in order for a man to be enchanted by you and ask the goddess to operate your transformation so you become exquisite.


Once you are done imposing your hands on the bowl, activating the rose water for love, close the spell.


Simply say: “I thank you and I love you. I now close the spell. It is done.”


Leave the candle lit until the light dissolves on its own. Let the water and the offerings sit for 24 hours. On the following night, which will be Saturday night, take a shower then finish with your rose water magic beauty and seduction water.


Do not wipe or towel dry. Let your body absorb the magic. This is a good time just to be lounging in bed naked or just covered by a soft sheet, listening once again to music or even better, look for clothes to go out that night.


You should put the offerings in a sacred space near your bed or in a pouch bag that you can carry with you.


Thank you.


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