BY Miss Pravala






When taking this course, understand that the changes are going to be partly intellectual but mostly spiritual.


Some of the healing is going to take place just by you understanding

how goddess archetypes can be a reference point in your life.


You will undoubtedly feel closer to some goddesses; 


You will undoubtedly fall into a specific or a couple of categories of

women archetypes who attract toxic relationships.


Take your time.

You want the changes to be lasting.


The Lectures:


The lectures are set up for a week to week practice.

It is not necessary to do this course in one sitting and expect great results.

Listen to the lectures once, take notes if you need to.

From my practice in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),

I have learnt that repetition create truths.


Listen to the lectures a second and then a third time

and stick to what makes sense to you and start working immediately.


The Meditations and Spiritual Rituals:

Do them once a day every day during the week they're attributed to.

You and only you know if you're ready to move on to the next week. 


Listen to your inner voice.

It is the voice of God.

The voice of inner guidance.

Your inner compass if you will.


Never rush because this is a process of healing

but also a process of implanting new truths


so that you can become irresistible to this specific type of men:

Men of power, Men of influence.


If you're taking this course,

it means these thought-processes and practices do NOT come naturally to you.


Study as though you were taking an exam and

start changing every perception you have of your former reality.


The energy shifts will take place in due time.

Become Magnetic. Become Irresistible!

Enjoy the ride !









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