Miss Pravala, 2015

Can I have a side of Magic with my Âyurveda, please?



Miss Pravala's healing style invites the most skeptic to dive into a vision of life as a fun playground where all dreams come true and beyond.


Women become goddesses not only all-knowing of their abundance but aware that their own unique birthright talents are today’s weapons to break the illusion of mediocrity and to live their passion and life-purpose.


Miss Pravala developed an all natural cosmetics line, made using the most noble raw ingredients from Africa and India.


The holistic hair growth therapist suffered severe hair loss due to a medical treatment many years back. Her vegan Ayurvedic hair growth treatment is primarily composed of serums and elixirs, which are traditionally handmade using precious oils, like the African sacred tree of life Baobab or the Miracle tree Moringa, locally produced by small African farming communities, with precious essential oils and staple spices of the ayurvedic pantry. 


Shreyas Ayurveda is the temple of true holistic beauty, with Miss Pravala as the catalyst of self-love, self- appreciation and self-acceptance of the beautiful canvas that is the human body-mind.


The cosmetics are the precious enhancers of this beauty that each of us received as we are all perfect in essence. 


Getting to the point where hair is just an excuse to create the character that truly matches who you are on the inside is the goal beyond the goal of merely helping her clients recover from hair loss.


"What's important is to enjoy every step of the journey and not rush towards the goal... as goals change, but the joy of one moment creates lasting memories." Miss Pravala

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